Testimonial by Kris Bortz

I've been coming to Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache Relief Center of Pleasanton for over 13 years for routine care and flare-ups. Whether it's an ankle twist, shoulder issues, or more recently T.M.J. trouble, I always seek Chiropractic first with GREAT results!

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Kris Bortz

Testimonial by Kathryn Miller

My general practitioner knew I was not a big fan of medications so she keeps an eye on the charts. One day she said "you have not been taking your asthma medication. When was the last time you used an inhaler?" I said "it's on an as needed basis, the last time was over six months ago." She asked me what I had been doing differently, and I told her I had been going to the Chiropractor. Could that have done it? She told me yes, if there is less irritation to the nerves, the bronchioles may spasm less. She then said to keep doing what I'm doing! I hardly ever need my inhaler! Thanks Dr. Mike and Team!

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Kathryn Miller

Testimonial by Scottie Dawson

My name is Scottie, I met Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache Relief Center of Pleasanton at the event of Day on the Glenn. I was curious about chiropractic service. I had some major surgery on my back three times and hip and shoulder replacement. Always on pain killers and even some morphine too. But now I had a lot of things wrong with my spinal column. Always in major pain, but would push myself to the limit. The exam revealed a short left leg and a lot of subluxations stages 1, 2 and 3. I was unable to stand for 10 minutes, but now I can stand for at least an hour. I could not move my toes on my right foot, but now I can move them. My misaligned spine had caused me to lean toward the right more, but now I am walking more straight with a pep in my step. It is good not having to take pain medicine daily. I have made big steps. I feel great and I thank my God and the staff of Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache Relief Center of Pleasanton. Thank you!

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Scottie Dawson

Testimonial by Lusha J.

When I lived in Dublin, I got in a car accident where my head hit and cracked the windshield. I felt fine immediately after so I refused medical attention, but in the days and weeks that followed, I found that was a big mistake.

2 days after the accident, I started having horrible migraines. I was never a person to have headaches period, so my boyfriend's mom, who's a nurse, said I might have moved or pinched a nerve in my spine when I hit my head, and she had a friend who worked for Dr. Gabrielson and said I should I come in for a least a diagnosis. I thought she was crazy at first, but that was because I had never been to a chiropractor and had no idea what it was they do.

My first visit was a LOT of information but once I learned how the smallest spinal disruption can effect other parts of my body, everything made sense.

I had a few adjustments but IMMEDIATELY felt better. The migraines went from everyday, to once a week, and now I never even get any! It really is crazy how a lot of people like myself, don't even know what these professionals do. If you're in the area and looking for chiropractic care, see Dr. Gabrielson first and form your own opinion but you won't be disappointed.

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Lusha J. Imperial Beach, CA

Testimonial by Felicia L.

Before I went to Micheal Gabrielson for adjustments I was getting 2-4 headaches a week. After a few weeks of treatment I now only get one or two a month. My boyfriend and my mom also go to him. We all think he is the absolute best!

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Felica L. Dublin, CA

Testimonial by Abideau B.

I love that I can come in here and be taken care of so well. They allow me to feel comfortable and relaxed before beginning anything which is good because I am in pain a lot of the time. Thank you for your consideration and gentleness, I really appreciate it.

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Abideau B. Pleasanton, CA

Testimonial by Maddy C.

Dr. Mike and the entire team at Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache Relief Center of Pleasanton are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! I initially went to the Clinic for the food allergy test and decided to try their treatments for consistent headaches I was having on the left side of my head.

I have only being going to clinic for two months and have already seen great improvements in my headaches and posture. I have learned so much from the physical therapy team on how to strengthen and correct my posture. This is so important as I sit at a desk most of day and did not realize the strain this causes on different parts of your body. And that there were exercises I could be doing while at work to prevent strain or injury. I would definitely recommend going to them!!

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Maddy C. Pleasanton, CA

Testimonial by Dr. Stephen Cavalier K.

I had a misaligned spinal column which caused me to lean toward the right. But after working with Dr. G and Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache Relief Center of Pleasanton I am walking straighter and with a pep in my step.

I continue with my adjustments and am looking to achieve from 45 - 85 greater range of motion which will improve my activities and quality of life. It is a good thing not to have to take pain meds daily. I am very grateful.

Pleasanton Chiropractors
Cavalier K. Pleasanton, CA